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Live gigs are available after February 2024.
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2023.10.09 (Mon) “ダブトライアングル, ブギ奉行” at Nanahari
2023.11.19 (Sun) “0奏” at Ochiai Soup
2023.12 TBD

火WIP (Work in progress)

一定以上の音圧が出ると出火して自壊するボーカルアンプを作る→それを使った歌を田上碧ちゃんと作る→ そのために電気で火を起こすというプロジェクトに取り組んでいます。



00:00 Flights
Web Application
[修復中!! Under maintenance!!] フライトレーダー24のAPIが死にました。よってこのページも死にました。(2023/10/14)

The webapp approximates the current point on Earth around the midnight hour and continues to display information about the aircraft flying over that point.

Manipulating Automated Manipulated Automation
Video: [No Bounds x Hope Works] Alpaca Session 1.1 - Chiho Oka

Keyboards, mouse, desktop screens, and the like are there to exchange information between the computer and human. Humans normally handle computers by manipulating them in real time, but here the performer stands by and does nothing after executing a script once, and the pre-operated mouse and keyboard movements perform automatically. The performer's body remains motionless as they watch the smooth movement of the cursor, which has no specific purpose, and the images and roar of the desktop folder tidying, window scaling, and shutting down that it generates, until the computer finally shuts itself down. Together with the viewer, they monitor the automation.


YouTube Slave
Video Sample

A global video viewing automation program that repeatedly searches YouTube for five random letters of the alphabet and watches dozens of seconds of hit videos. While this can be described as an RPA system with absolutely no productivity, it sometimes evokes a sense of joy, as if digging out and peeping at footage lying on someone's old hard drive that you don't know.
Media: MacOS, Python(PyAutoGUI), Chrome Browser

groove 12

groove 12.1 begins with finely cropped and ripped samples, whose apparent randomness begins to form an ever-accelerating mechanism. Some of the producer's sound palette resembles the Tilman Ehrhorn’s recordings from the "Task" album released by Mille Plateaux. okachiho tastefully oscillates between the dynamics of individual elements of the composition and deliberately introduced silence. A perfect example of this is groove 12.2, starting with a compressed and nervous pulse that gradually breaks down into atomized components shattered by intervals – a mixture of punk energy with post-Cage strategies.

The Best Concert Ever by Chiho Oka and Aoi Tagami
Chiho Oka / Aoi Tagami
Recorded live at Ftarri, Tokyo, January 3, 2021
Recorded and mastered by Ftarri
Artwork and design by Rintaro Unno

“Oka and Tagami's Sound Source Relationship” is a duo that performs mainly singing and improvisation with Oka's synthesizer and Tagami's guitar vocals. Basically, the performance proceeds with the output of the electric guitar used for Tagami's playing connected to the input of the synthesizer operated by Oka. The accompaniment that runs parallel to the smooth singing voice sometimes disappears, sometimes becomes the same volume as the singing, and sometimes masks the singing. Under these circumstances, they are simultaneously driving each other's ensemble and super-ignorance skills.


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